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Engineering Statics: Open and Interactive

Preface Acknowledgements

This book is the vision of a handful of instructors who wanted to create a free and open Engineering Statics textbook filled with dynamic, interactive diagrams to encourage visualization and engineering intuition.
Dr. Baker brought together a team of volunteers from large public universities, small private colleges, and community colleges across the United States to write the text and create the interactive elements. Some content was adapted with permission from Jacob Moore’s Mechanics Map - Open Textbook Project. After two years of development the book was released to the public in 2020.
The book continues to evolve thanks to the contributions, suggestions, and corrections made by users of the text, both professors and students. The original authors are listed below, and others who have contributed are acknowledged in the source code on GitHub.
Daniel W. Baker
Colorado State University
Project lead, chapter author, and interactive developer
Devin Berg
University of Wisconsin - Stout
Chapter author
Andy Guyader
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Chapter author
William Haynes
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Chapter author, interactive developer, and PreTeXt lead
Erin Henslee
Wake Forest University
Chapter author
Anna Howard
North Carolina State University
Chapter author
James Lord
Virginia Tech
Chapter author
Randy Mondragon
Colorado State University
Interactive developer
Jacob Moore
Penn State University – Mont Alto
Chapter author
Scott Bevill
Colorado Mesa University
Chapter reviewer
Eric Davishahl
Whatcom Community College
Chapter reviewer
Joel Lanning
University of California, Irvine
Chapter reviewer
Richard Pugsley
Tidewater Community College
Chapter reviewer
The book was supported by funding from the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Colorado State University Digital Learning Initiative, and the Colorado State University Libraries.